tumbling-dyce:Matilde Gattoni, Two schoolgirls stand amid the ruins of their school destroyed by coastal erosion. Dzita, Ghana. 2016birdasaurus:Chloe Horsemanwandering-bears:Benjamin Swansonjamescullen:http://savvy-studio.net/parasoli:ph.by mason poole for lucy folk accessories,aw 2017.davidjulianhansen:Lee Broom “Salone Del Automobile” at Salone Del Mobile 2016#Built Beautyjust-good-design:  The perfect balance of straight lines and curves. Santa Cesarea, Puglia, Italia.@llautllautmoodboardmix:  Grand Central Water Tower, Midrand, South Africa.APP Architects & Urban Designers, 1996.thevectorian:leemawdsley.co.uklegalizefilth:Selections from Japan (at タワーレコード渋谷店)me-porni:•artimportant:Mark Rothko - Untitled, 1963madamerenoir:markus ammmelissem:proposal sketch for Wrapped Museum of Contemporary Art and Wrapped Floor and Stairway’, Chicago, 1968.Christo and Jeanne Claudearistocrat-aesthetic:@wolfshirea-beautifulchaos:a-beautifulchaos:Claude Rutaultblack-boys:Theio Maddix by Jakub Koziel | PETRIe Inventory Magazine Styling by Tess Pisanissseismes:Ulrike Meutznerulrikemeutzner-photography.coma-picture-a-day.tumblr.comBy www.atherstudio.comspy-wear:SPY WЕAЯassimetrie:by eric chakeenRead this by Ather Studio#AtherStudio #AtherGIF #Art #Gif #Readmy-tumblrisbetterthanyours:http://www.nonda.ch/weissesrauschen:  Marguerite HumeauAther Studio #Minimalism #Art #Design #Gifurbnite:Villa Savoy by Le Corbusier and Pierre JenneretEra Armchair by Michel Thonetsulphuriclike:Jan Gossaert (also known as Jan Mabuse)_Virgin and Child_1527Museo del Prado, Madridlesfressange89:  The Triumphzaehle-mich-zu-den-mandeln:  Jean-Baptiste Carpeauxbydoctrine:darksilenceinsuburbia:  Robert Doisneau: Le Combat du Centaure, 1971 By Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookbydoctrine:nitrqin:  IG - @matthew.shawwBy Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookbydoctrine:emmahyphenjane:444. Les Trois GracesBy Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookweissesrauschen:Brad GrievsonLarge Shutter 2, 2014chilelx:+ chilelxhuthor:Paula @ dion lee s/s 16Sentada en la modernidadwww.instagram.com/okmaikOkMaik Gallleryokmaik.tumblr.comph: okmaik at louvreulfgbohlin:ULF G B☮HLIN • InteriorDesign: via oliver gustav studio/poul-kjaerholm.
wandering-bears:Adele Zubrzyckathephotoregistry:Nick Ballonweissesrauschen:ANDREAS GURSKYcenturiespast:Hendrick GoltziusMühlbracht 1558 – Haarlem 1617The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus1588Engraving, state I/IVMontreal Museum of Fine Artsshoplifters-co:Pedro Barateiro at Palais de Tokyoclementbalavoine:http://clementbalavoine.com/http://clementbalavoine.tumblr.com/jamescullen:http://www.adaism.net/huestockholm:  Joyce Lin - Exploded Chairclementpascal:Ethan Cook’s studio in Brooklyn(photo: Clement Pascal)artsyloch:Jean-Michel Basquiat | Newexecuted in 1983acrylic and oil stick on canvas31art:On Kawara—SilenceExhibition curators Jeffrey Weiss and Anne Wheeler and curator Kasper König discuss the art of On Kawara and the exhibition On Kawara—Silence, on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, February 6–May 3, 2015. Organized in cooperation with the artist, this exhibition is the first full representation of Kawara’s artistic output from 1963 to 2014. It includes works from Today (1966–2013), a series of Date Paintings I Got Up, I Went, and I Met (all 1968–1979), series in which the artist used postcards, maps, and lists, respectively, to record his daily activities and One Million Years (1970–1998) and One Hundred Years Calendars (ca. 1984–2012), which are both based around the form of the calendar. In this video, Weiss, Wheeler, and König consider Kawara’s practice in relation to the 1960s, Conceptualism, systems, and the passage of time.dioxa: ssseismes: Ulrike Meutznerulrikemeutzner-photography.coma-picture-a-day.tumblr.comtwitter: xtxerhbirdasaurus:Jules LesinskiEste artista y arquitecto venezolano está revolucionando la manera como vemos el paisaje. http://www.atherstudio.com/paisajes-temporales-entrevista-miguel-braceli/‪#‎AtherProfile‬ ‪#‎MeetTheMind‬ ‪#‎Architecture‬ ‪#‎Art‬ ‪#‎AtherStudio‬ Proyecto Colectivo - Miguel BraceliWe don’t work, we play.  ÄtherStudioLove is love.#LoveIsLove #FuckHomophobia #Orlando #Pride #LGBT #AtherGif #AtherStudiowww.atherstudio.comcocaine-nd-caviar:Shop at Eris Black  and also checkout VICEMODE Clothing where you can get 20% discount with the code isabeau15kardaan:  Ritaesthaem:  Untitled by Esthaemthisislosko:Kate Holstein — Yukonmeow-retrogasm:Lovepikeys:  Eckart Hahn - Abend (2011)bydoctrine:By Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookbydoctrine:nitrqin:  IG - @matthew.shawwBy Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookbydoctrine:By Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookmy-tumblrisbetterthanyours:http://www.ecal.ch/en/3059/events/other/-launch-of-the-photography-book-choli-cholie-heartsei:on We Heart It. Ph. Paul Jungwww.instagram.com/okmaikokmaik galleryatherstudio.com / ather / art / lovemy-tumblrisbetterthanyours:  http://mocoloco.com/this-urban-philosophy-is-more-line-than-chair/
janvranovsky:Cats are not welcome II (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) | © Jan Vranovský, 2017wandering-bears:Francesco Nazarioby https://www.instagram.com/ATHERSTUDIO/https://www.instagram.com/okmaik/betinadutoit:Sara. #betinadutoitweissesrauschen:http://www.mottodistribution.cominspirimgrafik:  Max Joseph by Mirko Borschecosyandthegang:Kaan Architectenthe-aetelier:Love Aesthetics Atelier / Notebook The Book Uncovered standing tall in the sun.Get this at: http://www.atherstudio.com/shop/Design by Äther Studio#Design #ToteBag #MakeArt #NotWar #Fairtrade #OrganicCottonjanvranovsky:Nakagin Capsule Tower, bridge between tower A and B. With thanks to Lukasz Palka for taking me there! | © Jan Vranovský, 2017chaosely:jeanpierrot:Josefin, Cubapauljungdiary:Paul Jungeccontemporary:  Damián Ortega, Proceso Constructivo, 2013, wool weaved by Eduardo Francisco Rodríguez, Set of 6, TBC microchip divided into six constructive layers, 197,5 x 150,5 cm www.gladstonegallery.comwww.whitecube.comwww.kurimanzutto.comwww.kukjegallery.comme-porni:•kataszegedi:Inspiration - Jean Arpbrunotatsumi:whatisindustrialdesignryanstruck:winter wavesweissesrauschen:  arthur shuraevs-o-m-e-d-a-y-m-a-n:Not Vital, Head, 2014Ulrike Meutzner on our Instagram this week.ginsprd:for more amazing content, visit ginsprd.comneunzehn73:neunzehn73 | The home series, Germany (2016)theleoisallinthemind:Tate Moderntheleoisallinthemind:Andre Chenier opera on the lake at BregenzAther StudioATHERSTUDIO.COM#Gif #SoniaDelaunay #Art #ColorAtherStudioHuman FigureArchitecturesArtistjonasgrossmann:jean arp by robert doisneau, 1958 @ pressheraldsadnessdollart:Allegory of Patience, Detail. by Carlo Dolci (1677)bydoctrine:By Doctrine By Doctrine TumblrBydoctrine.comInstagramFacebookweissesrauschen:Franz KlineAtherStudioAtherGifAtherArchitectureZaha Hadidstyletaboo:Philippe Malouin - MDF Vesselsdelta-breezes:  benjhaisch.allthepainting:Young Girl Defending herself against Cupid, Artist: Bouguereau, Academic Classicism, painting reproductions